The Christian Science Monitor invites its readers to enter a contest. This is an unusual contest about the most vital subject in the world today - peace. Readers and thinkers on the world scene are most often reactors to today's events. We invite you to think about tomorrow. In an essay of not more than 3, 000 words, describe from the point of view of someone in the year 2010 how a lasting peace came to planet Earth during the preceding 25 years.

Peace is a condition all the world's statesmen say they yearn for. Every individual would like to live in peace. The Beatitudes call the peacemakers ''the children of God.''

Instead of only reacting to each new international crisis, let's think instead about what conditions could prevail that would bring about a substantially altered climate of world opinion. Your essay will be judged for its literary qualities, but it will be judged even more on the basis of the feasibility of the ideas it contains. Essays will be expected to show a knowledge of the framework of international relations in the world today and the process by which those relations are bettered.

The edifice of a lasting peace will have many building blocks. You may wish to emphasize economic factors, the role of moral leadership, or a need to control world armaments. Some combination of these or other factors may be the basis of your solution.

The contest closes Dec. 31, 1984. Entries will be judged by the senior editors of the Monitor, and the best three will be printed in their entirety in the Monitor during March 1985. Entries will be accepted in English, French, German, or Spanish.

PEACE CONTESTThe Christian Science MonitorOne Norway Street, Boston, Mass. 02115 USA


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