When Ted took me to the show

I was so excited! Going to see and hear live people on a stage in a theater! Ted, a classmate in the sixth grade, had invited me to go to the show with him. On this particular day I walked over to his house, since he lived nearby. His mother was going to drive us to and from the theater in downtown Cleveland.

The electric automobile that looked like an icebox did not go very fast. We weren't bothered - too excited over the big event.

Finally we arrived at the theater. After Ted paid the admission we hurried through the door. An usher showed us to our seats, giving us programs.

As we gazed around, it was like being in another world. So many bright lights. A huge, glittering ball hung from the ceiling. A lady next to us told us it was a chandelier.

Everywhere an air of excitement - rustling of programs, buzz of whispering. We could hardly wait for the show to begin.

At last, the theater darkened, a hush fell over the audience, lights around the edge of the stage lit up (we found out later they were called footlights).

Slowly the red velvet stage curtains parted. Munching on chocolates Ted had brought, we were about to see ''Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch.''

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