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US diplomats were in contact with Civilian Military Action

The State Department acknowledges that US American embassies in El Salvador and Honduras had contacts with a private American group that apparently provided military equipment to Honduran-based Nicaraguan rebels and the Salvadoran Army. At the same time, it reaffired that the group had no connection with the US government.

The group, known as Civilian Military Action, claims more than 1,000 members, mostly in Southern states. Its activities became known after two of its members were killed while flying a helicopter mission into Nicaragua last Saturday.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats will try to rein in construction of US-built bases in Honduras this week. Sen. James Sasser (D) of Tennessee says he will press for an amendment to an $8.5 billion military-construction appropriation bill which would bar spending any of the money for design or construction of permanent military bases in that country.

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