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... Let me remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. What, may I ask, was more extreme than our Revolutionary War? ... These men and women who rebelled against tyranny did not have the unanimous support of even their friends, their neighbors or relatives. But they were willing to sacrifice, struggle, and die for the ideal of liberty - while others sought more comfortable lives....

Let me tell you, the proudest moments of my life have been those times when I wore the uniform of the United States of America. ... The men and women in uniform are our first line of defense in the continuous struggle to maintain freedom. And it's a fact that the Democrat plan for defense would leave us ill-prepared for any sort of conflict. Now I suppose a lot of you are wondering why I chose to speak on this particular subject. ... What I am concerned about is our grandchildren and their children and grandchildren. ... I do not want my grandchildren or their children asking: 'Why didn't Paka - that's what they call me - do something, so we would not have to go off to war now?'

If ... I can prevent that question from ever being asked, then I will have fulfilled my duty to my country and to freedom.

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