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Show pigs vie for title as Lard of the Fliers

They end up like most other pigs, but for a brief time they are pampered porkers - oinkers that get special food and water and 24-hour entertainment during training. These are racing pigs, a team of 26 that grunt and squeal around an 85-foot oval track toward a cream-filled chocolate cookie and sometimes a photo finish.

With names like Loin Ranger, Mean Weenie, Calvin Swine, and Olympig, the Heinold Commodities Inc. pigs travel to state fairs and farm shows throughout the Midwest during the summer. During training, they constantly listen to a radio to get them used to the noise of the crowd. Correction

A July 23 Monitor business article (''The stage is set for dramatic auto talks'') stated that the American auto worker averages $22.40 an hour (including wages and benefits) and that other US industrial workers average $9 an hour. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers in the US industrial sector average $12.26 in hourly wages and benefits.

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