Official Olympic goodies from ties to trash bags

Yes, Virginia, there is an official Olympic plastic-liner trash bag. Those who think the Olympics are nice, but have no place in the daily routine , are simply not informed. There is in fact an official Olympic product for just about every aspect of modern life.

Many merchants of items carrying the Olympic seal of approval have had their high hopes thwarted by the L.A. Games. Some are thriving, many are not.

But for Olympic bystanders who want to carry home a piece of the games and for others who like to buy goods with Olympic pedigree, there is something for everybody. Los Angeles organizers reportedly hope for at least $10 million from their cut of official merchandise.

The T-shirts, of course, are more numerous here than summer tourists, which is a problem in itself. But beware of the unofficial T-shirt. The trading of pins for the tie or lapel is also popular around Olympic venues. There are 130 different Olympic pins, and more than 350 other pins for corporate sponsors of the Games, also official.

If you need a place to wear your pins, there is an official Olympic tie. And an official tennis shirt, sweatshirt, windbreaker, golf cap, various items of men's and women's jewelry, key chain, watch, celluloid button, and belt. Then there's an official belt buckle.

If that's not to your taste, there is plastic costume jewelry, and it is official. And an official lap blanket, beach towel, seat cushion, magnum rifle, decorative pillow, nylon wallet, picture frame, Frisbee, bicycle, trading cards, playing cards, calender, commemorative telephone, binoculars, and arrow shaft.

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