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Freed Polish union leader 'resting in a monastery'

Polish government spokesman Jerzy Urban said Monday that Solidarity underground leader Wladyslaw Frasyniuk, reported missing by his family since he left prison five days ago, was ''resting in a monastery.'' He declined to say where, but said Mr. Frasyniuk's wife knew.

While in jail, Frasyniuk took part in hunger strikes in support of demands for political prisoner status. In letters smuggled from his cell, he accused prison authorities of systematic brutality towards Solidarity detainees.

Meanwhile, captured Solidarity activist Bogdan Lis has smuggled word to supporters that he is being interrogated closely about the banned union's underground network, but has disclosed no secrets, an opposition source said Monday.

He and Piotr Mierzejewski were captured June 8 and have been excluded from the amnesty proclaimed on July 21 for all other political prisoners because of the seriousness of the charges against them. They are believed to be in Warsaw's Rakowiecka Prison, Poland's chief interrogation center for political detainees.

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