'Gotta Getaway!' is a musical cruise that's bogged down by excess baggage

Gotta Getaway! ''A Magical Musical Voyage,'' starring Liliane Montevecchi. Directed and choreographed by Larry Fuller.

Radio City Music Hall's ornate tribute to summer escapism stars the irresistible Liliane Montevecchi, who wowed Broadway audiences of ''Nine'' and won a Tony for her Gallic pizazz. Lithe, chic, and exuberant as ever, the beautiful Miss Montevecchi is unfortunately bogged down in an overloaded extravaganza that threatens to sink even before it gets away from the pier.

The star of ''Gotta Getaway!'' is cast as the glamorous cruise director of what its creators mistakenly subtitle ''A Magical Musical Voyage.'' Miss Montevecchi does her best to add sparkle to the occasion, but the odds are against her. The ports of call on the Music Hall cruise range from a mythical South Seas Minapoora to Paris and the forbidden city of Old Peking, where a Cole Porter ditty joins the parade of borrowings from the pop-song archives. At least one medley abuses the privilege of scrambling yesterday's golden oldies.

Introduced en route are an animal act (tiger, leopard, black panther, etc.) with feats of illusion and a spot of torch juggling. In addition to the Rockettes (off form on opening night), the ensembles include the all-dancing, all-singing Cruisettes and Stewards. They are a hard-working crew. Miss Montevecchi's principal voyagers are Tony Azito, Loretta Devine, and Alyson Reed , whose proven talents are pretty much wasted on this misguided tour.

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