Gremlins and brown bags

And we thought the gremlins were supposed to be in the movies this season. Here is the correct fifth paragraph of Ralph Shaffer's ''Note in a brown bag lunch'' (June 13). Apologies all around.

I'm glad for you, too, because your perfected travel French will whisk you through a host of possible delaying circumstances. The gendarme at the old Togo border wanted to know when I was returning to Ghana - and I couldn't remember aujourd'hui. Our luggage wasn't being loaded on the Air France cart at Phnom Penh on our way from Angkor Wat until finally someone said in English, ''You were not speaking French, m'sieur.'' And besides, travel French means you can decide whether the Foie de Volaille Saute on the dinner menu sounds more appetizing than Les Rognons Rouennaise or the Dindonneau Roti aux Chipolatas Sc. Airelle - with Le Vacherin Alexandre afterward. And maybe sometime in Montreal you'll even be able to enter into the de 'ockee discussions - although someone may feel your accent is a little suspect.

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