Highlights of the Democratic draft platform

GROWTH AND PROSPERITY. Cut federal deficits by slowing the growth of defense spending, adopting a tax system that is fair, and controlling health costs. Help America's long-term economic prosperity by boosting support to education and job training. Spur both private and public research. Bring government, industry, and labor together in cooperative programs to make US business more competitive abroad.

JUSTICE. Work toward a tougher Civil Rights Commission. Restore a strong Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Support equal pay for women, including equal pay for work of comparable value. Encourage bilingual education in public schools. Make voter registration easier. Support the right of women to have abortions. Oppose immigration reform that includes employer sanctions for hiring illegal aliens.

PEACE AND SECURITY. Seek annual summit meetings with Soviet leaders. Challenge Soviets to halt arms race by proposing temporary, verifiable, and mutual moratoria on testing of underground nuclear weapons and space weapons. Seek deep reductions in nuclear weapons. Oppose advanced weapons sales to enemies of Israel. Stop Americanizing the war in Central America. Pressure South Africa to establish a fully democratic political system.

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