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Mondale team sees a gain of 200 additional delegates

Top strategists for Walter Mondale predict that he will pick up at least 200 more delegates by the time the Democratic National Convention meets in mid-July. That would give Mr. Mondale about 2,200 delegates, well over the 1,967 needed for the nomination.

Mondale campaign chairman Jim Johnson also said Mondale was scheduled to confer by telephone with both Gary Hart and the Rev. Jesse Jackson on ways to bring all sides together for the fall campaign. House Speaker Thomas O'Neill Jr. , a Mondale backer, has also slated a session with Senator Hart.

Mr. Hart refuses to concede the nomination to Mondale now that the primaries are over and has vowed to launch an all-out personal effort to persuade convention delegates to swing over to his side. Political analysts say Hart's prospects of success appear slim.

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