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G-men in London appear in a battle of the bottles

The US Secret Service took no chances with milkman Ron Cherry. When his milk cart pulled up at the gates of Winfield House Tuesday, the residence of the US ambassador in London and temporary home of President Reagan, agents in dark glasses (on a sunless day):

* Scanned his money bag with an electronic detector (revealing money).

* Scrutinized his identification (revealing him to be a milkman).

* Searched his milk cart (much milk).

* Probed the cart's chassis with a bomb detector (negative).

* Set a bomb-sniffing dog on the vehicle (ditto).

* And finally let him drive up to the house with a Secret Service agent ''riding shotgun,'' as he put it later.

The delivery (20 pints) took 25 minutes.

Note to readers

Results and analysis of Tuesday's Democratic primaries will appear in tomorrow's issue.

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