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Romanian, Soviet leaders reportedly air differences

Romanian leader Nicolae Ceaucescu and Soviet President Konstantin Chernenko disagreed on some issues during talks here Monday, a report by the official Tass news agency indicated. Tass said the two met ''in a businesslike, comradely spirit, in an atmosphere of friendship and frankness.'' In Soviet diplomatic language, ''frankness'' and ''businesslike'' are words reserved for meetings where there are differences of view. Their use for visits by communist leaders is rare.

Mr. Ceausescu arrived in advance of a summit of leaders of the Council on Mutual Economic Assistance, the East-bloc trade alliance, which is to meet in Moscow June 12.

Bucharest's official party daily, Scinteia, admitted Sunday that there was occasional dissent between communist countries on some issues but called for a resolution of differences ''in a comradely way.'' Western diplomats said it was Romania's first official reference to such tension.

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