Church lecture board named for 1984-85

The Christian Science Board of Directors has announced the election of the following lecturers to The Christian Science Board of Lectureship for 1984-85:

Armstrong, C. Earle, C.S.B., Princeton, New Jersey

Bauer, Marianne, C.S., Frankfurt, Germany

Breen, William, C.S.B., Sacramento, California

Bruck, Mari, C.S., Studio City, California

Chaffee, Olga, C.S.B., Houston, Texas

Collins, Clem, C.S.B., Boston, Massachusetts

Correll, William, C.S.B., Cleveland, Ohio

Dayon, Marie-Claude, C.S., Paris, France

Evans, Glenn, C.S.B., Boston, Massachusetts

Ferris, Charles, C.S.B., Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fields, Betty C., C.S., Atlanta, Georgia

Fitzwater, Bruce, C.S., Portland, Oregon

Gates, Robert, C.S., Marblehead, Massachusetts

Glover, Lenore, C.S. Seattle, Washington

Grant, John, C.S.B., Oakland, California

Grimes, Paul, C.S.B., St. Louis, Missouri

Harris, Virginia, C.S.B., Detroit, Michigan

Hebenstreit, Jean, C.S.B., Kansas City, Missouri

Hedin, Deborah, C.S.B., London, England

Hill, Desmond, C.S.B., Sydney, Australia

Hubbell, Jack, C.S.B., Palo Alto, California

Huebsch, Deborah, C.S.B., Laguna Beach, California

Jewkes, Gary John, C.S.B., Salt Lake City, Utah

Lavigne, Juan Carlos, C.S.B., Olivos, Argentina

Lee, William, C.S.B., Washington, District of Columbia

Leever, Edwin, C.S., Winter Park, Florida

Louis, Jean, C.S., Randburg, Transvaal, Republic of South Africa

MacDonald, Timothy, C.S.B., Washington, District of Columbia

MacKusick, Robert, C.S.B., Cleveland, Ohio

Pierpont, Marion, C.S.B., Des Moines, Iowa

Preller, Arno, C.S.B., Denver, Colorado

Ridley, Betty Ann, C.S.B., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Selover, John Lewis, C.S.B., Palo Alto, California

Stay, William, C.S., Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

Stelle, Beryl, C.S., Fair Oaks, California

Stewart, Ann, C.S.B., Los Altos, California

Tainsh, Jean, C.S.B., Adelaide, Australia

Thornton, Jack, C.S., Marblehead, Massachusetts

Trentini, Orlando, C.S.B., Sao Paulo, Brazil

Trevithick, Morris, C.S., Boston, Massachusetts

Tyler, John, C.S.B., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Wagenseil, Frances, C.S.B., Princeton, New Jersey

Waldman, Fay, C.S., Pacific Palisades, California

Watt, Annemarie L., C.S., Vienna, Austria

Webb, Patricia L., C.S.B., New York, New York

West, Christiane, C.S.B., Washington, District of Columbia

West, Michael A., C.S.B., Boston, Massachusetts (Mr. West, Treasurer of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, will be available for lectures only at the request of The Christian Science Board of Directors.)

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