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Bail for 4 defendants set in L.A. child-abuse case

Municipal Judge Aviva K. Bobb set bail Friday for four of the seven people charged in the Manhatten Beach preschool child molestation case, but the district attorney's office said the decision would be appealed.

Meanwhile, a state appellate court in Los Angeles ruled that one of the defendants, teacher Babette Spitler, could be released on her own recognizance on grounds she was denied a speedy preliminary hearing.

In Friday's ruling, Judge Bobb set bail at $1 million for Peggy McMartin Buckey; $250,000 for her daughter Peggy Ann Buckey; $750,000 for teacher Betty Raidor; and $400,000 for Ms. Spitler.

Two others in the case, school founder Virginia McMartin and teacher Mary Ann Jackson, have been free on bail since April. Only the chief defendant in the case, Raymond Buckey, is now held without bond.

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