A sculptor talks about his work

A personal recollection: We had just started descending the mountain road in my old used Volvo. I was behind the wheel, a friend was in front, and my brother was in the back. We were going to go hiking in the White Mountains, and at the moment the car was gathering speed as it went down the hill. The road was quite curvy, and the tires screeched a lot. My friend had both hands on the dashboard, and his eyes were glued straight ahead. He suggested that I get new shocks and tires all around, and I thought it was a good idea. We talked and laughed, but never for very long, because our attention was really on the mountain road.

THIS sculpture illustrates what it is like to drive down a hilly road at night. Our eyes are fixed to the white and yellow lines, and we notice little else, because they are the only clues we have as to where the road goes. The faster we go, the more important these lines become. The shape of the sculpture portrays hills, and the lines define my road. The road winds around the angular shapes, revealing its direction only as our eyes pass to another plane. This is like an actual night driving experience, when more road suddenly becomes visible in our headlights only as we come over a hill or go around a corner. The lines do not change the shape of the sculpture but simply describe the surface.

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