Visit from a morning star. Lucy Stone 1818-1893

What's this? You can and do not use your vote? Was it for this I stumped the country wide though they threw eggs and turned a hose on me? They thought me first a novelty, called out ''Look at the talking dog, the hen who tries to crow like cocks.'' But soon the crowds increased. And then the press. They said I smoked cigars and swore! But all the lies brought people out to see and hear, and we won more support. I'm Lucy Stone, once called the Morning Star of women's rights. I glowed some forty years, but I was less conspicuous than some. How fortunate you are, you've no idea. My sister's tombstone reads ''wife of Ira Barlow.'' That's all. He owned his wife complete, her person, monies, land. A legal child. But my man Harry was a special jewel, my partner on the platform and at home. Just before our marriage, when we vowed ''love, honor,'' not ''obey'' - that dear strong man read aloud a piece we wrote together, protesting women's ownership by men. It was his own idea. Our Stone-Blackwell protest helped to change the marriage laws. I'd always longed to see the Swiss mountains and never did. Instead, I worked to help the women grow. Remember me for this, speak out next time you see that first small star.

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