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Cuba joins the bloc parade away from L.A. Olympics

Cuba, one of the world's top sporting nations, has become the 11th country to withdraw from the summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Only an hour after the announcement Wednesday, US organizer Peter Ueberroth said it was ''further evidence of the Soviets' unconscionable campaign to strong-arm other nations.''

In Geneva Thursday, the Romanian vice-president of the International Olympic Committee said Romania, a Soviet ally, would take part in the Los Angeles games.

The Soviet Union, East Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Mongolia, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Laos also have withdrawn from the games.

All the countries that have pulled out have until June 2 to reconsider. By that date, nations must make known their intentions to attend the games. Olympics officials are concerned that up to 50 countries may pull out before the games start on July 28.

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