Hit with back of right hand

One's wrists can hinge back and forward or cock up and down. If one includes the forearms they can also swivel. This complex action can be a source of trouble for some golfers. Unless they are careful they become, to coin a phrase, unhinged. The left wrist (with right-handers) bends back before the clubhead reaches the ball. And this seems to be particularly so for players who like to feel they are ''using their hands.''

Recently I came across a simple piece of advice which has helped almost everyone who has followed it:

Concentrate on the back of the right hand.

At the address relate the back of the right hand to the clubface, so that when the face is square so is the hand.

Now swing the club back and away ''with the back of the hand.'' Become aware only of what the back of the right hand is doing. Coming down, hit the ball with the back of the right hand.

It may sound a mite crazy. But, for many, it works.

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