The diner-out describes the restaurant window

In shining window wait the three . . . the mushroom, artichoke, and pea, Arranged with geometric art upon the grape leaves' tender heart. Occasionally the avocado pear, the tightly folded Brussels sprouts Appear upon the formal scene, contribute to the white and green. No hi%t of what the gourmet knows: no sauce supreme, no wine of rose, No challenge to the nose or tongue disturbs this window cool and chaste, Save when with a certain suave ennui the unreal giant strawberry Consorts with hothouse peach and grape, and once I saw A lustrous shape, a rich, dark eggplant lying there. In that Overmoderate air, Color spoke and dreams awoke. Solanum melongena broke The repetition of the three . . . the mushroom, artichoke, and pea!

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