Headset joggers

SOME people have a propensity for keeping one eye open, so to speak, to spot nature. And then, when nature looms, shutting the eye until nature passes from view.

They're the folks who go jogging out of doors - but wear a headset radio so they're not disturbed by bird-songs. Or they weekend at a splendiferous vacation beach - but spend their days inside, watching television.

Some are conventioneers at scenic resorts. Do they enjoy the beauty? Don't be silly - they're indoors the whole time, politicking or closing business deals.

We thought about all this the other day while enjoying a particularly picturesque part of Cape Cod. It offers beaches to walk and backroads to bike, ponds to paddle and vistas to view. And a store that rents a batch of movies plus projection equipment so you can spend your whole vacation in your motel, watching the flicks.

It's as if we want nature to tempt us, but not really to dislodge us from our preoccupations.

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