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3,000 hotel workers return to their jobs in Las Vegas

More than 3,000 workers returned to jobs Saturday at Caesar's Palace and two Hilton Hotels in Las Vegas, Nev. But efforts to extend a tentative settlement of a month-long strike made little progress in new bargaining between four unions and the M-G-M Grand Hotel and 28 other major resorts with more than 12,000 workers on strike.

Terms of the settlement include a reported $1.46 an hour increase in wages and health and welfare payments.

Meanwhile, the country's toughest labor dispute, now in its 11th month, erupted into violence again as United Steel Worker's pickets clashed with Phelps Dodge Corporation nonunion replacement workers Saturday in Clifton, Ariz. National Guard troops were called out Sunday to keep the peace.

The copper walkout began last July when the corporation refused to go along with contract terms accepted by other employers in the industry and sought further concessions.

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