LIKE the children in the essay above, the ones quoted by readers in The Home Forum's ''what children say'' competition have had their memorable moments with food. Here are entries receiving certificates in this and other general categories.

Gregory, 3, was offered more dinner. ''No thanks, my stomach is already feeling guilty.'' - Patricia and Rob Martin, Northfield, Minn.

While coloring Easter eggs, four-year-old Buddy asked his mother, ''Can we make a few black ones for everyday?'' - Jewel F. Evans, Arlington, Va.

A nephew, 4, was picking - and sampling - berries. ''The littler they are, the not thour they aren't.'' - Helen C. Benson, East Waterboro, Maine

Removing well-done turkey from the oven, I remarked, ''This bird is coming apart at the seams.'' Martha, 9, replied, ''No wonder, it's only basted!'' - Ruth Macy Howland, Greenwich, Conn.

Would Mike, 3, like his toast buttered. ''No, but I would like it jammed.'' - Christine J. Stone, Perrysburg, Ohio

The four-year-old was found chewing thoughtfully in the kitchen. ''I climbed up to smell the little cakes, and my tooth got caught in the biggest one.'' - Kathleen Morehouse, Moravian Falls, N.C.

The four-year-old was at the restaurant. ''I can't eat this fish, it's dead.'' - Alex Eckel, Westford, Mass.

Gillian, 8, was given a particularly stripped bone of the kind she liked to munch on after it was carved. ''What is this - a souvenir?'' - Stan A. Lane, Victoria, British Columbia

My four-year-old friend, Ingo, and I were lunching at McDonald's. ''This is a good place,'' he enthused. ''No peas!'' - Lillian Kramer, North Hollywood, Calif.

My three-year-old examined her first fresh pear cautiously, then asked in wonder, ''How do you open it?'' - Claire M. Wilson, Reno, Nev. Just my size

Ben, 4 1/2, trudged slowly up the steep incline to his house. ''When I get big, I want to live on a flat hill.'' - Jim Hatfield, St. Albans, W. Va.

Kristi, 9, was on a 12-hour car trip. ''I don't like going or coming; I like being.'' - Wesley J. Ketz Jr., Batesville, Ark.

Grandson Scott was asked how his first day at kindergarten went. ''All right , but we didn't learn to read - maybe tomorrow.'' - Herbert F. Haake, Auburndale , Mass.

Mother: ''Is your diaper wet, Frances?'' Frances, 13 months: ''No, not yet.'' - Jacki Thomas, Portland, Texas

Kendra, 7, was asked to do some addition. ''I can't see the problems with my mittens on.'' - Brenda Kay Nagel, Michigan City, Ind.

Bethi, 3 1/2, snuggled down one night during a family camping trip. ''Ooh, this is such a nice where to be.'' - Charlotte C. Ritchie, Eastham, Mass.

Ian, 2, was enjoying a session of rough-housing. ''Please, you take my socks off. I just want to see my toes having fun.'' - Nancy Case, Amherst, N.H.

Micah, not quite 3, was asked if he could tie his shoes. ''Maybe . . . , when I sleep good and it doesn't rain, I can do it.'' - Douglas Holmstrom, Austin, Ark.

Yawning Andrew, 2 1/2, was asked if he was sleepy. ''Only in my mouth.'' - Lucia Tyler, Ithaca, N.Y.

Tearful Melinda, 7, discovered the snow pants weren't lost after all. ''It pays to look before you cry!'' - Mrs. Arthur S. Huey, Sun City West, Ariz.

Jessica, 4, advised: ''You should learn how to sled. If you don't know how to sled, use a grown-up.'' - Donna Hunsberger, Fairport, N.Y.

Lonnie, 2, hung back, and a visiting nurse asked if he didn't like to take a bath. ''Not when I've got company I don't.'' - Violet Simon, Loveland, Colo.

A girl answered when the kindergartners were asked if they knew a certain song. ''I only know the hum of it.'' - Eva B. Jackson, Merced, Calif.

David, 3, was asked how old he was. ''I'm not old, I'm new!'' - Barbara White, Atlanta Where do they get it? Michelle, 4, was reprimanded for giving her teacher a hard time. ''Well, she's got her health, hasn't she?'' - Marion W. Holgerson, Milwaukee, Wis.

Erica, 3, explained about crayons to her pre-school teacher. ''You got 'em out, you put 'em away!'' - Jean Richards, Detroit

Erik, 4, was eating alphabet soup and learning how to spell. ''I found a B!'' ''That's great. Let's think of B words.'' ''Buzz off.'' - Neil S. Hiltunen, North Hampton, N.H.

''Louis (3), why did you do that?'' ''I suppose it's psychological.'' - Alan Lines, North Massapequa, N.Y. Reproved ''Joe, you are standing on my foot.'' ''Oh, I thought I was getting taller.'' - Una Belle Gaedtke, Stockton, Calif.

Al explained why he wasn't up and dressing for kindergarten. ''My soul is up , but my bones are still in the bed.'' - Elizabeth Thomson, Tallahassee, Fla.

Sara, 20 months, was asked if she had anything in her mouth. ''Yes, teeth.'' - Tori Dell, Sacramento, Calif.

Four-year-old Jay was surprised when his mother asked about black specks on his new sweater. ''A bug with dirty feet must have walked over me.'' - Constance Moult, Radnor, Pa.

Kent, 9, was asked by the coach what he learned from missing the ball by napping on first base. ''I learned to always finish my nap.'' - Mrs. V. E. Stromsted, Indian Lake Estates, Fla.

Greg, 5, was told to brush his teeth before going to bed. ''Why, Mom? I didn't say anything today to get them dirty.'' - Faye Cool, Anselmo, Neb.

Mark, 4, was reproved for the noise as he played with an imaginary steering wheel. ''That's all right, Grandma, I'm just driving me out of my mind.'' - Dorothy S. Ferwerda, Boulder, Colo.

Eric, 3, turned back after being sent off for a nap that he was told would make him better natured when he woke up. ''But, Mom, I think I feel a smile coming on in just a minute!'' - Doris Westine, Chester, Vt.

Eli, 3, was told about the boy who cried wolf and the moral that you will not be believed later if you tell a lie. ''And, if you tell the truth, then nothing will come out of the woods!'' - Dora Lievow, Lincolnville, Maine Sounds of the times

Kevin was asked which Bible story he wanted to hear. ''Oh, Grandma, read me the story of Daniel at the Red Lion Inn.'' - Harriet Flynn, Bellevue, Wash.

My son awoke with one leg asleep and exclaimed, ''My leg has a dead battery!'' - Donna Wardlaw, Sacramento, Calif.

On the way to eat out, Micky, 5, wanted to be sure. ''Are we going to a participating Burger King?'' - Alan Willis, Portland, Ore.

Jane, almost 3, was talking with her nursery school teacher. ''My mother broke my calculator, and now I can't calc.'' - Gladys Martineau, Northville, Mich.

The second-grade Sunday school class, discussing Genesis, was asked to name the woman created from man. Immediately Justin replied, ''Tootsie!'' - Barbara D. Boenke, Darien, Conn.

The eight-year-old tuned in a very fuzzy picture on the public-TV channel. ''Oh, no, Mom, did you pledge?'' - Steve and Maureen Heilman, Plymouth, Mass.

The six-year-old saw twin girls at Sunday school. ''Do you know the T---s? One of them is a duplicate.'' - Mrs. J. B. Cobetto Jr., Pittsburgh

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