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Punjab tension grows as Mrs. Gandhi tours Africa

A Sikh political leader Saturday called for removal of paramilitary troops from the holy city of Amritsar. Harchand Singh Longowal, head of the powerful Akali Dal Party, said, ''In view of mounting resentment among Sikhs against this force, I am finding it difficult to hold them in check.''

The call for withdrawal

came as Prime Minister Indira Gandhi left the capital for a three-day visit to Libya and Tunisia. She canceled other trips to Algeria and Egypt because of the continuing violence in Punjab.

An extremist group calling itself the ''Dashmesh Regiment'' has claimed responsibility for killing two Hindu politicians and a moderate Sikh leader in the past two weeks. The group has threatened to kill Rajiv Gandhi, son and heir apparent to Mrs. Gandhi, on April 13. Intelligence sources said police took the threat very seriously.

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