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D'Aubuisson vs. Duarte in Salvadorean runoff

Roberto d'Aubuisson, a presidential candidate for the National Republican Alliance, announced Thursday he will be the challenger to the Christian Democratric Party candidate, Jose Napoleon Duarte, in the coming runoff election , reports Monitor contributor Chris Hedges.

Lamenting what he termed ''technical errors'' by the Central Electoral Commission, Mr. d'Aubuisson estimated that 20 to 25 percent of his own supporters were turned away because of errors on the registration list. He claimed his ARENA party had been hurt most by the problems and strongly hinted that the current members on the Central Electoral Commision should resign.

D'Aubuisson also confirmed reports here that ARENA has petitioned the Central Electoral Commission to abolish the registration list. ''We want to allow people to vote simply by showing their state identification cards,'' he said.

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