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Meese to testify in second round of hearings

The Senate Judiciary Committee will open an unusual second round of hearings tomorrow in which it hopes to question a dozen people before voting on whether to recommend Edwin Meese for United States attorney general.

''There will be no coverup in this Meese nomination,'' declared chairman Strom Thurmond (R) of South Carolina. ''We want the truth and the full truth.''

The panel wants to ask White House counsel Fred Fielding, chief of staff James Baker, and deputy chief of staff Michael Deaver about how four men who rescued Mr. Meese from his financial problems later were appointed to government jobs.

The new round of testimony will also feature two men who helped arrange a controversial Army promotion for Mr. Meese. Meese, President Reagan's White House counselor, will be the last witness to testify.

Meanwhile, former Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox has urged the Senate to reject Meese, saying he ''does not meet the minimum qualifications for the office of attorney general'' because of what Mr. Cox says is an ''extraordinary insensitivity'' to the high ethics demanded by the job.

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