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Egypt accuses Libya of air attack on Sudanese city

Egyptian Foreign Minister Kamal Hassan Ali Sunday accused Libya of making an air attack on Omdurman, a suburb of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. Mr. Ali said his country would take both military and political measures to counter any further attack against its ally.

The Libyan Foreign Ministry summoned Arab and African ambassadors on Sunday to deny Libyan involvement in the air raid.

Military sources said Egypt's armed forces were placed on alert after Egypt received full details of Friday's air raid.

An unidentified Soviet-made TU-22 warplane bombed Omdurman, killing three people and prompting Sudan to put its land, air, and sea forces on alert, the Sudan News Agency said.

The Egyptian daily Al-Ahram said the air attack's prime target appeared to be Omdurman Radio Station, which was hit. The newspaper said four rockets were fired, and two bombs weighing 500 pounds each were dropped.

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