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Hart assails Reagan policy on South Africa as divisive

Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart said Wednesday in an interview that he favors ''full economic sanctions'' against South Africa unless reforms are made to increase black political power in the white-ruled nation.

Senator Hart said the Reagan administration's South African policy is ''almost designed to guarantee revolution in that country and deeper division between the white minority and the black majority.''

President Reagan's policy of ''constructive engagement'' has toned down criticism of South Africa's internal racial policies in the belief that change is more easily promoted through coaxing than through criticism.

In Pretoria, the US ambassador to South Africa said recent events in southern Africa had vindicated the administration's policy.

Herman Nickel told the Pretoria Press Club that talks between South Africa and its black neighbors Mozambique and Angola were partially the result of US efforts as ''an honest broker.'' Such a mediating role would have been impossible without a working relationship with South Africa, Mr. Nickel said.

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