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Meese admits he didn't list loan on his financial form

Edwin Meese, President Reagan's choice for attorney general, has admitted he failed to include a personal interest-free loan of $15,000 on his government financial disclosure form, the White House said Wednesday.

A White House spokesman quoted Mr. Meese as saying that he ''sincerely regretted the oversight'' in a letter to Senate Judiciary chairman Strom Thurmond (R) of South Carolina and that he would amend the form, required of top officials.

In the letter, Meese also agreed to take part in an unusual second round of questioning by the committee, which is weighing his nomination as attorney general.

Meese, now the White House counselor, was asked to make a return appearance after Democrats clamored Tuesday for another chance to question him on 1980 Carter campaign memos that have been found in Meese's files and on some financial matters.

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