Voters offer hints for a more casual Mondale look

Does blow-dried hair win elections? Does a tweed jacket warm the voters' hearts? Some fans of Walter Mondale say they think Gary Hart's youthful image - the hair, the clothes, the cowboy boots - is one secret of his success. They'd like Mr. Mondale to loosen up a little, put away his dark-blue suits, and take off his silk tie.

Lots of ideas like that come into Mondale's Georgia headquarters here. But one voter in Jefferson, N.C., telephoned with a whole list of proposals to spiff up Mondale's appearance.

Among them:

* Get a new hair style. The present one looks too neat. Let the hair grow a little longer, and brush it back.

* Get rid of the dark suits. They look too formal on TV.

* Talk more to average families. Leaders are less important than the people.

* Put on some work clothes and visit a place where people really work, like a chicken farm.

* Pick oranges in Florida.

If he doesn't want to go quite that far, Mondale might just take a line from Jimmy Carter's campaign book. Mr. Carter, when he was about to give a tough speech, would take off his coat and roll up his sleeves. The crowds loved it.

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