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Rock/pop Yes: "90125" (Atco Records 90125-1) -- Others have commented on the gratifying freshness of "90125" -- a quality that has helped to net Yes a hit single from "Owner of a Lonely Heart." Yet, as much as ever, this Yes won't satisfy everyone who has only heard the group on top-40 radio. Its progressive rock challenges, rather than pampers, listeners. It does this in much the wa it always has -- despite never-ending staff changes within the group. Most songs on "90125," apart from "Heart" and perhaps "Leave It," have a herky-jerky quality, a dissonance, that may baffle on first listen. Perhaps on second and third listen, too. I found the effort -- despite moments of inspiration -- ultimately dissatifying. There seemed to be more delineation among songs, more focus, on, say, the early '70s LP "Fragile" -- during the time when the group included Rich Wakeman on the keyboards.

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