Starting salaries at banks up 4.5% from last year

Starting salaries at banks are at record levels in 1984, up an average of 4.5 percent over 1983, according to a nationwide study by Robert Half International Inc., an executive recruiting firm. The study is based on an analysis of the position requests that employers submit to the 75 Robert Half US offices.

The study found:

* The starting salary range for operations offficers at large banks is $24, 000 to $31,000, up 5.8 percent over 1983.

* Medium-size banks are offering commercial loan officers starting salaries ranging from $24,000 to $31,000, a rise of 8.9 percent.

* Mortgage loan officers at small banks will find starting salaries in the $ 23,000-to-$30,000 range, a 4.7 percent increase.

* Trust officers at medium-size banks can expect starting salaries in the $23 ,000-to-$30,000 range, up 0.9 percent

Mr. Half noted that these figures are national averages and that geographic variances should be applied. For example, starting salaries average 18 percent higher in Alaska and 15 percent lower in Hawaii.

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