'Levitation' is buoyed by fine acting and the author's talent for humorBabalooney Revue with music. Directed by Brad Hall

Another of those improvisational groups that spring periodically from the Midwest has breezed in from the Chicago area and opened at the Provincetown Playhouse. The five members of the Practical Theatre Company thrive on perpetual motion. Staged with wild abandon by Brad Hall, their performance revels in physical comedy, sight gags, and even acrobatics.

Cheerful, engaging, and energetic, the quintet (two young women, three young men) performs a series of songs and sketches mostly satirizing the American scene. Target topics inlude fast-food Shakespeare, TV's life and times, vermin exterminators, memorial tributes, Central American intrigue, and the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac. As in most such improvisationally based wingdings, the quality tends to be uneven. But a predominantly young and sometimes participating preview audience rewarded the cast with generous laughter and applause.

Since each company member takes many turns and plays many parts in the loony babble, it is only fair to list them all. They are (in alphabetical order): Paul Barrosse, Jamie Baron, Bekka Eaton, Jane Muller, and Rush Pearson. The accompanying score, with its original music, is played con brio by keyboardist Larry Schanker and percussionist Rockin' Ronny Crawford, whose cymbalism is a credit to his musical education. The setting, in primary colors and Miroesque squiggles, was designed by Louis DiCrescenzo and lighted by Tom Larson.

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