'The Good Fight'

One of the most moving moments in the film "The Good Fight" (having its world premiere tomorrow night at the Sack Copley Theatre) comes from Tom Page, a black man who says that fighting alonside Europeans gave him a taste of being treated as an equal for the first time. He hated to return home.

The filem is an independent documenarty about Americans who fought in the Spanish Civil War during th 1930s. They were male and female, black and white, known as the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

"The Good Fight" is a fascinating collection of archival material and historical detail, nicely filmed in color and black and white. Interviews with 11 Lincoln Brigade veterans give an immediacy to a distand and, for many, romantic war.

The film's three Boston-based directors -- Mary Doe, Noel Bruckner, and Sam Sills -- decided to make it when they read about the brigade receinging a hero's welcome in post-Franco Spain. It suffers from the attitude of its makers that nobody knows about the Lincoln Brigade and everybody should. It's still worth seeing. Just be prepared for an occasional preachy tone.

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