Finn takes double gold in 1984 Winter Olympics

Marja-Liisa Haemaelainen became the first double gold medal winner of the 1984 Winter Olympics Sunday with a convincing victory in the women's five-kilometer cross-country ski race. The long-striding Finnish racer, who won the 10k event on Thursday, covered the shorter course at the Igman Plateau in 17 minutes, 4.0 seconds. Berit Aunli of Norway took the silver medal and Kveta Jeriova of Czechoslovakia won the bronze.

In other competition Sunday, Tom Sandberg of Norway won the Nordic Combined, with Jouko Karjalainen of Finland second and Jukka Ylipulli of Finland third, while Tomas Gustavsson of Sweden captured the gold medal in the men's 5,000 -meter speedskating, followed by Igor Malkov of the Soviet Union and Rene Schoefisch of East Germany.

Jens Weissflog of East Germany won the gold medal in the 70-meter jump. Matti Nykaenen and Jarri Puikkonen, both of Finland, placed second and third.

Paul Hildgartner of Italy won the gold medal in the men's luge. Serguey Danilin and Valery Doudin, both of the Soviet Union, placed second and third. Steffi Martin, Bettina Schmidt, and Ute Weiss - all of East Germany - won the gold, silver, and bronze medals in the women's luge.

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