Heavenly 'Figaro'; classy Judy; comic Cleo; dangerous 'Fool'

The Scarborough Chamber Players' recital last Sunday at Northeastern's Ell Center Ballroom was a first-class assemblage of music. Flutist Virginia Sindelar, soprano Bonnie Scarpelli, clarinetist Peter Cokkinias, and pianist Myron Romanul were joined by cellist Carol Proctor and guitarist Richard Schilling in combinations that were as satisfying whole as they were singly.

Brahms's Trio for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano, Jacques Ibert's Deux Steles Orientees for soprano and flute, and Gabriel Faure's Pavane (sung as a soprano/flute/guitar vocalize) received, by turns, impassioned and affecting performances during the first half.

The Scarborough, a fairly new group, regularly features contemporary music, and two American works composed the second half of Sunday's recital. Allan Blank's Trio for Flute, Cello, and Piano was premiered admirably, its three movements revealing him as an excellent wielder of musical thought. The raptly hushed, C-minor closing lines are genuine art. Lester Trimble's well-crafted ''Four Fragments from The Canterbury Tales'' completed the afternoon on a jaunty note.

It is lovely to see such polished commitment, not only to fresh, unfamiliar repertoire, but to new and recent music as well. Kudos.

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