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What '85 budget seeks for foreign aid, farms

President Reagan, in his fiscal 1985 budget, asked Congress Wednesday for $15 .2 billion in US foreign aid next year to 140 countries. The biggest recipients would be Israel, getting $2.3 billion, and Egypt, $2.2 billion. For the first time, nearly all the US aid to Israel and Egypt would be a gift not to be repaid.

Mr. Reagan's aid request includes $4.6 billion for the Middle East, $2 billion for Europe, $1.9 billion for Asia, $1.6 billion for Africa, $1 billion for South America, and $1.3 billion for Central America.

Reagan will also ask Congress later this week for an additional $1 billion in US aid this year, including $659 million for Central America, officials said.

The budget for agriculture calls for sharply higher spending on domestic farm programs in the 1985 financial year and small cuts in food aid for the poor. The budget estimates spending on domestic price support programs at $10.5 billion for fiscal 1985, with outlays for food assistance totaling $17.1 billion.

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