She thought, we need more senses than we believe we have to prod us to awareness of what we know without knowing that we know like animals, seen readying for storms before a hint of them appears like the herd of deer seen on the road, their eyes turned upward fixed on the still-quiescent mountain the day before St. Helens roared to life - She thought, we all need eyes that see the riders in the skies, ears that hear the rustlings underfoot before they erupt in shooting stars and rockets, we need to feel an almost imperceptible shift of wind or in the tempo of another's pulse when it no longer races as before; a sense of whatever change is in the air before, in actuality, it is there. She thought, knowledge is more than merely power; knowledge is a period of grace. Knowledge is whatever time it takes, if not to try to undo old mistakes, at least enough time to discover that we can patch, don armor - or take cover.

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