On taking photos

Remember how I stood on the hood of the car to reach over the fence and capture the sea and you scurried into view. And in the castle on the hill You mugged by the great door and smiled then it was my turn to pose And you put me in front of the pool. My favorite was down in the glade of The Green Lantern I had to climb over both beds to reach the loft windows where I leaned out for that leafy shot and the light cast a filtered shadow through the trees. Too cold to be out of the car we jumped to the side of the road and snapped a few candids along the beach. Through farm country we flashed into the valley of lights flickering like fireflies and too dark to see let alone take a picture. Now it's clear why we took time to stop where I dragged you sputtering into the Olde Tyme Photo Shoppe and wasn't it easy to slide into the past? Do you remember when we got back And I found the camera empty? All our photos a dream in the camera of memory.

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