For small children: a peek inside Sophie's pop-up world; Sophie's Hideaway, illustrated by Renate Kozikowski, pop-ups by Ray Marshall. New York: Harper & Row. 12 pp. $9.95. Ages 3-6.

Small children will discover many surprises in this sturdy pop-up book, as they lift up flaps to peek under hats, behind doors, and inside treasure chests. The simple story is secondary to the elaborate, multilayered format. It opens as a little girl, Sophie, escapes from her noisy family and settles down in a large clothes cupboard to read a book. She soon falls asleep and begins to dream. Hanging from a big balloon, she floats above a brightly colored city and over a gray-blue sea. When the balloon breaks, she drifts into the billowing waves and is rescued by a plump sea creature. She rides the creature to an ice-cream-and-cake castle before her mother opens the closet door and wakes her up.

A fun book for enjoying colors and shapes.

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