Entrepreneurial ideas

Are there any more entrepreneurial ideas out there? You may recall that Jane Hoffman of Columbus, Ohio, invited suggestions for new goods or services that might invite development in the tradition of private enterprise. Eleanor H. Buser of San Diego was quick to respond with:

''First a trip to the dictionary. Through the d's, through the e's . . . back up. There it is. No, back up again. Let's see, how is it spelled again? Oh , yes, 'E-N-T-R-E-P-R-E-N-E-U-R-I-A-L.' That's it. Why not conceive, somehow, of an instant Webster's?''

Christina Lurvey of Framingham, Mass., looks for a clock radio that ''(a) turns on a cassette of my own choice (or recording) so I know what I'll wake up to, and (b) turns on a light gradually (or suddenly) so in the depth of winter darkness I can imagine the sun is rising and get up in the light.''

From Jessica Wiederkehr in Ashland, Ore., comes a whole list:

''A completely washable house including carpets, curtains or draperies, and furniture that could be hosed off, including drains in the floors. Refinements could include built-in sprinkler and/or blow-dry systems.

''An automated 24-hour library, where you could use your card to make selections from an itemized catalog which would include book reviews and/or synopses.

''An automated post office, which would weigh letters and packages, compute postage, and operate on the deposit of coins, thus eliminating stamps. Could include automatic printing of postmark and sorting.

''A special section in supermarkets for the traditional holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and Passover, etc., where traditional holiday foods would be all together from soup to nuts.

''Basic muslin-covered upholstered furniture, including sofas, love seats, chairs, sectionals, that would be sold with varying well-fitted slipcovers in open stock, so one could change with the seasons, or with a whim.''

And Peggy Beals of Marshfield, Mass., suggests:

''A silent vacuum cleaner, powerful, hand-held, which can be run over dogs and cats, removing loose hair and fleas, without frightening the animal.

''I've resisted most kitchen appliances but would go for this one: a little tabletop appliance with viewing screen. When I clip a recipe, I'd feed it into the machine, code it such as ''apples-dessert,'' and the machine would record it. When I want an apple dessert, I could call up all the recipes I've clipped. If one is a bomb, I could delete it.

''It's probably an idea behind its time, but we who cling to the old-fashioned typewriter would welcome a permanent ribbon. I'd be happy even with ideas for reviving past-due ribbons, though I've found they do make good tapes to tie up things in the garden.

''A device available to anyone in an automobile, perhaps in the form of sensitive tape running all around the inside of the car, which would activate a prominent light or sign outside signaling that help is needed. To be used if out of gas, or other difficulty, but also if someone in the car is in peril from others inside it.''

''Entrepreneurial ideas,'' The Home Forum, The Christian Science Monitor, One Norway Street, Boston, Mass. 02115.

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