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Fog, human error blamed in Madrid jet crash . . .

Heavy fog, human error, and lack of ground-control radar were blamed Thursday for a two-plane runway collision that killed 93 people in Madrid's second jet crash in 10 days.

But the Spanish capital's influential daily El Pais, in a front-page editorial, placed the blame on lack of safety at the airport where the accident took place. ''Now we have proof that Barajas Airport is not to be trusted,'' the daily said, criticizing ''the lack of control, chaos, and disorganization that has always existed'' at Spain's largest airport. But Transport Minister Enrique Baron insisted the airport was safe.

On Nov. 27 a Colombian airliner crashed on its approach to the airport, killing 181 people.

Airport officials said the collision was similar to the 1977 collision of two jumbo jets at an airport on the Spanish Atlantic island of Tenerife which that killed 585 people. That crash prompted calls for ground-based radar and runway guidance systems. Airport sources said such equipment has still not been installed, although funds have been allocated.

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