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US troops in the Mideast should leave: Goldwater

Sen. Barry Goldwater (R) of Arizona called Monday for the withdrawal of all American forces in the Mideast to head off US involvement in a war, and five Democratic presidential candidates called the Reagan policy in Lebanon an escalation of the fighting.

''I think the President ought to bring everybody that's in an American uniform back and do it now, because we're headed for war,'' Mr. Goldwater said.

Sen. Alan Cranston (D) of California warned against the ''ultimate holocaust'' - a US-Soviet confrontation in Lebanon. And Sen. John Glenn (D) of Ohio warned against ''stumbling toward'' war in Lebanon.

Also criticizing the President's policy were Democrats Jesse Jackson, former Sen. George McGovern of South Dakota, and Sen. Gary Hart of Colorado. But Senate Republican leader Howard Baker and Sen. Charles Percy of Illinois said the US should not be driven out by terrorism.

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