Uncle Roland: the almost perfect guest, but not necessarily the best example; Uncle Roland, the Perfect Guest, by Phyllis Green. Illustrated by Marybeth Farrell. New York: Four Winds Press. 20 pp. $10.95. Ages 4-7.

Uncle Roland is the almost perfect guest. He doesn't complain and he loves to play with children. When he comes to visit, always without advance warning, everyone in Malcolm's family is happy to see him.

Everyone, that is, except Mother, who doesn't appreciate the games Uncle Roland teaches, such as playing rock-and-roll by pinching one's nose and humming at the same time. Not only that, Uncle Roland shows the children how to punch in the tops of the chocolates in his five-pound gift box to find the flavors they like. And he leaves the kitchen a total mess after telling the children they don't have to do the dishes because he'll clean up.

Young children will like fun-loving, slightly crazy Uncle Roland, a memorable character. But parents will understand Mother's concern.

Phyllis Green's picture book was inspired by her own grandmother, who always insisted on doing the dishes when she came to visit. The delightful humor and the forbearance Uncle Roland shows for his nephews and nieces are captured in the colorful, cartoonlike illustrations by a new artist, Marybeth Farrell.

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