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Supreme Court asked to review Baby Jane Doe case

Two panels of judges, including the US Supreme Court, have been asked to review cases concerning a severely handicapped infant known as Baby Jane Doe. William Weber, a ''pro-life'' activist, filed an appeal with the Supreme Court on Friday seeking to overturn a state court ruling refusing to order corrective surgery for the infant.

And the senior judge on a three judge federal appeals panel said the court intends to make a ruling reserved a decision on whether to grant the administration's request to have access to the infant's hospital records.

It was not known when the judges will make their ruling.

Charles Cooper, who argued the government's case, said that unless the federal government could see the records, it would not be able to determine if the child was receiving proper medical treatment.

The child's parents have refused to consent to surgery for their daughter, saying they do not want her to live a life of pain.

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