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Nicaragua minister calls US denial of visa illegal

Nicaraguan Interior Minister Tomas Borge has accused Washington of violating international laws by denying him a visa. Mr. Borge said Washington's refusal reflected an effort by the Reagan administration to extract concessions from the Sandinista government, and junta chief Daniel Ortega said it reflected an aggressive attitude toward his country's leaders.

Borge expressed indignation that the US announced its decision at the same time that it said it had declined a visa application from Roberto d'Aubuisson, the extreme right-wing leader of El Salvador's parliament.

In San Salvador, an aide to Mr. d'Aubuisson said the rejection was a ''slap in the face'' for El Salvador.

A US State Department official did not discourage speculation that the decision was tied to US pressure on Salvadorean officials to rid the country of right-wing death squads.

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