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US expects GIs to be home from Grenada by holidays

The White House said Wednesday it expects American combat troops to be out of Grenada before Christmas, although some instructors and other personnel may remain behind.

Because of this and a belief that no more hostilities are likely on the island, White House spokesman Larry Speakes said the administration saw no need for further congressional action under the War Powers Act. Under the act, US troops cannot remain in a combat area for more than 60 days without congressional approval. The 60-day period expires Dec. 24.

Meanwhile, the head of American forces in Grenada said searches by US troops of houses, roundups of suspected leftists, and the establishment of camps for detainees have violated the human rights of Grenadians. Maj. Gen. Jack Farris said Grenadians could soon get tired of searches of their cars and homes by US troops, whose main objective remains the rounding of up suspected members of the now-disbanded People's Revolutionary Army.

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