Soviet officials interviewed

CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS Afanasyev, Viktor G. Editor in chief, Pravda. Attends weekly meetings of Central Committee'.s inner Secretariat.

Alexandrov, Anatoly P. President, USSR Academy of Sciences. Occasionally participates in Politiburo or Secretariat sessions, particularly when relating to energy, science, and technology issues.

Arbatov, Georgi A. Director, Institute of the USA and Canada. Occasionally attends Politburo or Secretariat sessions.

Biryukova, Alaxander P. Member of Secretariat of the Soviet Trade Union.

Chakovsky, Alexander B. Editor in chief, Literaturnaya Gazeta. Novelist, member of Secretariat of Soviet Union of Writers and key voice in official literary policy.

Gonchar, Alexander Z. Novelist, member of Secretariat of Soviet Union of Writers.

Inozemtsev, Nikolai N. Director (until death in August 1982), Institute of World Economics and International Relations.

Kosolapov, Richard I. Editor in chief, Kommunist, the party's ideological journal. Occasionally attends Secretariat meetings.

Kruglova, Zinaida M. Chairman Soviet Society for Friendship and Cultural relations with Foreign Countries.

Kulidzhanov, Lev A. First secretary, Soviet Cinematographers Union.

Nenashev, Mikhail F. Editor in chief, Sovietskaya Rossiya (party newspaper for the Russian Republic). Attends weekly Secretariet sessions. Former deputy chief pf Secretariat' domestic Propaganda department.

Pastukhov, Boris N. Chairman, Soviet State Committee for Publishing, Printing , amd Book Trade. Under Brezhnev, head of party youth wing, Komsomol.

Romanov, Alexei V. Editor in chief, party newspaper Sovietskaya Kultura.

TSmirnov, Alexia A. Deputy fuel minister of the Russian Republic.

Stukalin, Boris I. Chief of Secretatiat's domestic Propoganda Department - one of first promotions under Andropov. A voice in framing public Soviet policy line on major issues.

Tereshkova, Valentina V. Former cosmonaut. Heads Soviet Women's Committee.

Tolkunov, Lev. N. Editor in chief, government newspaper Izvestia. Attends weekly meetings of Secretariat.

Zhukov, Georgi A. Chairman, official Soviet Peace Committee. Pravda colummist. CENTRAL AUDITING COMMISSION

Bovin, Alexander Y. Chief political columnist of government newspaper, Izvestia. Occasionally attends Secretariat sessions.

Falin, Valentin M. Political columnist in Izvestia. Until early 1983, first deputy chief of Secretariat's international information Department. Ambassador to West Germany, 1971-78.

Fedulova, Alvetina V. Member, Secretariat of Komsomol, the youth wing of the Comminist Party.

Golubev, Vasily N. Editor in chief, party newspaper Sotsialisticheskaya Industrial (Socialist industry). OTHER OFFICIALS INTERVIEWED

Bogomolov, Oleg T. Director, Institute of Economics of the World Socialist System. Member, Academy of Sciences. Influential voice on Comecon, and on East-bloc experiment with economic reform.

Burlatsky, Fyodor M. Deputy chief of Soviet Social Sciences Association. Political columnist, Literaturnaya Gazeta in Moscow.

Kravchenko, Leonid P. Editor in chief, official trade-union newspaper Trud.

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