War and cherry blossoms

The cold, wintry blasts of international tension seem somehow more chilling and penetrating. Each new gale here in Tokyo seems colder than the last, less understandable, less withstandable. Blizzardlike, it is hard to see through, and moves in directions of its own deciding. Once on its way it seems to heed not logic or warmth.

I yearn to be able to see through this coldness to the spring to be able to deflect and subdue this imposition; to voice in some way, for the world to hear, a call more primitive and basic than all of mankind's disputes, the elegance of loving. Each day to add to the storehouse of peace in some way; to search, through act and prayer, for ways to turn and disperse this storm. What way?

I discover the housewives of Ichikawa, in Chiba-ken Prefecture, Japan. A small group joining together to warm the hearts of the US and the USSR, to feed the affections of man by sending cherry tree saplings to willing cities in each of the countries. International peace does have a chance, if these two peoples can bridge their differences, the group in Ichikawa points out. Its name? Simply , the ''Society to send cherry saplings to the US and USSR.'' Already some are planted beside the city hall in Gardena, Calif. This spring 300 trees will go to Nakhodka, a city in Siberia.

The cherry blossom, symbol of springtime, beauty, and hopeful affection. Similar love embraces the Tidal Basin in Washington, another time gift of Japan. May these new saplings grow in meaning and bring about the springtime of affectionate blossoming of peace.

They have already done their work for me. I can see spring. I search again, renewed, to make peace blossom a little more each day.

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