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Israel moves to counter new West Bank violence

Israeli security forces sought Monday to counter a fresh wave of unrest in the occupied Arab West Bank, which erupted despite warnings by Israel that the disturbances would not be tolerated. State radio and television reported that Defense Minister Moshe Arens conferred with senior officers to map new measures to stop the violent clashes.

On Saturday policemen shot and killed two Arab youths; on Sunday a time bomb was spotted and defused outside an Israeli Army base.

Most of the week-long clashes developed from demonstrations staged by Palestinian youths to condemn Syrian and Libyan support for PLO rebels fighting their former leader, Yasser Arafat, in northern Lebanon. Asked by state television Sunday night why the demonstrations usually ended with anti-Israeli violence, Tulkarem Mayor Hilmi Hanoun said the protesters vented their frustration ''by fighting the Israelis, who many regard as the source of our troubles.''

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